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Hugh Jackman | Australia

I once had a job as a clown. One kid told me I was terrible, because I didn’t know any tricks.

As a kid I spent nights poring over an atlas, because I wanted to see the world.

What’s this all about then?

Hugs are awesome! So why not give more of them?

Virtually of course, because sadly the current situation has made real hugs a big no-no. Just in a time when we need them most!

Fortunately you can practice and strengthen your hug-muscles here! So stroll around the grounds and feel free to hug.

Perhaps you find some people more huggable than others. It’s all up to you. But know that hugging is as much about you, the hugger, as it is about the huggee.
Why not give it a try? Hug someone you might not find so huggable in the first place. We're all in the same boat, why not make the best of it.

What’s up with the sweatsuits?

Well, everyone has comfy clothes don’t they? Even Queen Elizabeth II probably slips into a favourite, worn out sweater on a dreary afternoon.
High heels, a uniform or of course a red swishy cape can make the wearer feel powerful. So, sweatsuits are the great equalizer. They might actually make you see the human being hiding in that suit.

Give a Hug is not about politics, status, beliefs or deeds. It’s about people.

This platform is still a seedling ready to unfurl its leaves big time. So stay tuned for new features and more huggees to come!

And who are you?

Give a Hug is the brainchild of Dutch designer & dreamer Zoë Versteeg and was inspired by polarization in society today. Her ambition is to travel around the world in a big Hugmobile, giving out hugs to anyone she encounters. (after we’re COVID free of course)

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