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Emma Watson | United Kingdom

I like to hide books on the subway so people can enjoy them.

I dedicated an award to my pet hamster Millie.

What’s this all about then?

Let's face it, the world needs more hugs.

At the moment real hugs are a little challenging with 6 feet of distance, but luckily you can practice and strengthen your hug-muscles here!

This website gives you the chance to practice something else too. Perhaps you find some people less huggable than others, but why not give them a go? Hug someone you may have certain assumptions about and don't want to hug in the first place. We all fart, we've all had our hearts broken at some stage, in short: we're all people.

We're all in the same boat, why not make the best of it?

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What’s up with the sweatsuits?

Well, everyone has comfy clothes don’t they? Even Queen Elizabeth II probably slips into a favourite, worn out sweater on a dreary afternoon.
High heels, a uniform or of course a red swishy cape can make the wearer feel powerful. So, sweatsuits are the great equalizer. They might actually make you see the human being hiding in that suit.

Give a Hug is not about politics, status, beliefs or deeds. It’s about people.

This platform is still a seedling ready to unfurl its leaves. So stay tuned for new features and more huggees to come!

And who are you?

Hello! My name is Zoë Versteeg and I am a graphic designer & dreamer from The Netherlands.

The idea for Give a Hug was prompted by polarization in society. Polarization in real life, but also on social media. A person will be dehumanized without a second thought and the distance created by internet makes this all the easier.

Dehumanization is traditionally understood as viewing someone as less than a human being. In my opinion dehumanization can go the other way as well: elevating certain people above the status of human being, making them almost gods.
Both approaches create great distances between people. Give a hug is a humble attempt to show everyone as a real person.

My ambition is to travel around the world in a big HugMobile, giving out hugs to anyone I encounter. (when the current world-situation has hopefully evolved into one where real hugs are possible)

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